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  1. This commission structure excludes the EBL fruit and nuts list as well as the nut-flour range.

  2. Distributors will operate his/her business at all times in such manner as to enhance the reputation of EBL and provide the best service to EBL clients and potential clients.

  3. Distributors are responsible for courier costs, unless otherwise arranged. Distributors must inform EBL in writing of a change of delivery address.

  4. Payments are due before orders will be dispatched.

  5. EBL is responsible for a quality product with exact labelling about ingredients of the products and weights.

  6. Distributors may add labels with their own contact details to the product, but not remove or hide the EBL labelling.

  7. Distributors may not market other products under the EBL brand.

  8. An email address will be assigned to each new starting distributor in the format xxx@earthbornlove.co.za. This email address remains the property of EBL and will be advertised with the distributor's name and contact details on earthbornlove.co.za. Should the distributorship be ended, this email address will be passed on to the closest distributor or replacing distributor, as it makes sense at the time to service EBL clients best. The distributor will be responsible to refer clients to this email address or the EBL website for enquiries received for up to 12 months after distributorship has ended.

  9. If a distributor has their own website/blog that is related in topic to the EBL product range, after EBL approval, the address will be added on the contact list for the distributor and the distributor may add links to earthbornlove.co.za on their website/blog.

  10. When EBL receives enquiries from an area where a distributorship is active, those clients will be referred to that distributor, unless the potential client wants to become a distributor themselves.

  11. If a distributor is inactive for 2 months, the EBL email address may be assigned to another distributor (to ensure continuity for clients) and the old details removed from the website, unless other arrangements have been made. Should you wish to cancel distributorship confirm in writing to EBL.

  12. Distributors may go into agreements with EBL about maxi-orders for retailers in which case EBL will produce the products as per agreement and the distributor will be responsible for the negotiations and distribution to the retailers.

  13. EBL may in absolute discretion immediately suspend and/or terminate the distributorship by notice in writing to the distributor in the event that EBL has reasonable grounds for believing that the distributor has breached any provision of this agreement or the rules set out here.

  14. Commission brackets per order (sales calculated on distribution price as advertised on website - These brackets may change, distributors will be informed in writing 90 days prior to implementation)
  • Sales bracket
    Commission %
  • R500 - R1500
  • R1500 - R4000
  • R4000 – R12000
  • above R12000

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